Welcome to the Wildertools forge! 
If you’re curious about knife and tool making or just want to emerse yourself into the daily life of an artisan bladesmith, these experiences are for you.
WARNING: Dad joke advisory in full effect for the duration of all experiences. 

3 hour experience

Join Rick for this 3 hour experience that gives you a glimpse into the methods, tools and art of a Modern Bladesmith. Start with a shop safety primer, watch a live bladesmithing demonstration and finish with some basic hands-on forging…
Yes, you will swing a hammer at hot steel and maybe even take home your own creation!
Spoiler: it won’t be knife.
2 active participants: $150/person
3-4 active participants: $100/person
Spectators: no charge
Limited to 4 active participants and up to 4 spectators. There is an 8-person max capacity in my shop. Participants must be 8 years of age or older. Young spectators must be accompanied by an adult. Covid-19 protocols in effect.
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Ultimate Knifemaking experience

Make a kitchen or utility knife with Rick!

Yes, you heard that right. This two-day experience lets you get your hands dirty under the supervision and assistance* of a bladesmith.

*Assistance: Rick will make sure you leave with a functional knife.

What’s included:

Shop tour and safety primer
History of forging and tool making
Knife design 
Knife forging demonstration
Basic forging techniques
Basic metallurgy and heat treating techniques
Sanding and finishing
Handle attachment

This is an organic and flexible experience. Ask any question. Rick has ample knowledge and will divulge any or all intricate secrets of this mystical craft. There are no stupid questions however there may be stupid answers. Rick will keep the atmosphere relaxed. You can participate as little or as much as you want. If wanted, you can even sit back and watch Rick make the entire knife in front of you.

Total: 2 days (6 hours/day)

1 active participant: $650
2 active participants: $900
Each participant can have a single spectator on site with no extra charges. 

Covid-19 protocols in effect.
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Stay at the edge of Lunenburg

Welcome to “The Edge of Lunenburg”, a modern loft apartment located above Rick’s workshop with a spectacular view of the back harbour and Lunenburg Academy. Includes kitchen, dining area, living room, bathroom, Queen bed, private entrance and parking space. Conveniently located near the historic UNESCO designated town of Lunenburg; a walk to shops, restaurants, pubs and the famous working waterfront.

Only $100/night when paired with an experience.
Sorry no smoking and no pets.

Add-ON Sheath Making

Every knife deserve a home!

Did you know Rick started out in leathercraft?

Add a day to your experience and create a beautiful hand-made leather sheath for your new blade.
Check out sheath making class for details

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Experiences will give you a taste of knife making. They are a great introduction to the craft. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

If you are serious about learning the trade please have a look at the classes – they are focused on more intensive training for hobbyists and working knife makers alike.