Wildertools offers sharpening services for knives and tools in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Are you a Chef or Fisherman who works and depends on your knives daily?
A knife sharpened by a bladesmith who understands your needs can significantly improve your productivity. The results can be astounding.

Best of all, your specialty knives and tools will be returned to you in better condition than when they arrived.

You’ll soon appreciate how quickly a professional sharpening can positively affect your daily grind.

Always remember a sharp knife is a safe knife!

NOTE: For all you Hairdressers out there, I also sharpen scissors.


Large Knife (chef, bread) $7 – $10
Medium Knife (boning) $5 – $7
Small Knife (paring, tourner) $3
Serrated knives (all) inquire
Mandoline blades $5 – $7


Hunting, fishing, tactical, pocket $1/ inch
Machette $25
Axes / Hatchets $10 – $15

Home & Garden

Gas / Electric Mowers (Blade OFF) $15
Garden Sheers $10 – $15
Pruners $7
Spades / Hoe / Edgers $8
Scythe $25

Specialty Blades

Swords inquire.
Manual Chisels $4 – $5

Get your knives sharpened today!

I try my best to accommodate everyone’s requests for sharpening.
If you need regularly scheduled sharpening I’d be happy to work out a timeline that fits your business.

Let’s chat and work something out.

Like my knives your work should never be dull!