Dust Evacuation System for a Belt Grinder

Dust Evacuation System

Having recently completed my “temporary” shop I was finally getting back into the swing of things but ran into a roadblock. My new grinding station sucked or rather, didn’t “suck”. The dust was excessive … worse than ever before. I had to do something so looked into dust collection. The cyclone-type set ups seemed decent but looked like a pain to upkeep and the danger of mixing wood and steel worried me. I remembered that Kevin Cashen had a high powered blower evacuation system that vented directly outside. Patrice Lemée also has a sweet set up. I’m no Patrice when it comes to outfitting my entire shop, so I started small and simply addressed the grinder. Air exchange became a particularly difficult hurdle to get past. I’m sure the Summer months would have been no problem but when you drop the temperature of the room by 30-40F in the Winter, things get a little uncomfortable.

Anyway, my wife wanted to shoot a quick video of it. Keep in mind, this was completely impromptu and unscripted. I don’t have much experience making videos but I hope do more in the near future.