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Quenching: the vapour jacket

Quenching: What's a vapour jacket?

Why do blade smiths agitate a piece during quenching? This video demonstrates quenching without agitation to disperse the vapour jacket. NOTE: I make a few unclear(not entirely accurate) remarks during the video. Hopefully the annotations clear it up. This video was unscripted and totally impromptu. Let me know if I screwed up anywhere else. Thanks […]

Dust Evacuation System for a Belt Grinder

Dust Evacuation System

Having recently completed my “temporary” shop I was finally getting back into the swing of things but ran into a roadblock. My new grinding station sucked or rather, didn’t “suck”. The dust was excessive … worse than ever before. I had to do something so looked into dust collection. The cyclone-type set ups seemed decent […]